How Meal Genius Works

Kelley Herring

10 Jan 2020

How It Works

How Meal Genius Works

Step 1: Take the Personalization Quiz

On this page, you’ll choose the type of diet you want to follow, food exclusions, allergies and intolerances, appetite (or calories), macronutrient ratio, number of mealtimes and eaters on your plan, meal repetition, as well as answer some questions about your cooking preferences and cooking tools you own.

Step 2: Click
“Create My Plan

Once you’ve filled out the Personalization Quiz, click the Create My Plan button.

Our algorithms go to work designing your perfect meal plan based on the criteria you have chosen.

In less than 2 minutes your custom meal plan is generated complete with meal suggestions for every mealtime you have chosen.

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Meal Genius Meal Planning

1Step 3: Review
Your Personalized
Meal Plan

Now that your plan has been generated, it’s time to do a quick review of your suggested meals for the week.

You can make any changes that you’d like to your plan (add dessert, change meals or omit meals, save a meal for tomorrow to "love your leftovers").

Then you're ready to print your shopping list for the week (or stay “green” and access from your phone).

Step 4: Shop,
Cook & Enjoy!

Now, it’s time to grocery shop and prepare your meals.

Using your detailed shopping list, organized by grocery category, you’ll be armed with everything you need to shop for the week.

You can also print up your Weekly Meal Plan at-a-glance and Recipe Cards for quick use in the kitchen.

Meal Plans with Meal Genius

Why You Need a Personalized Diet

Your Body is Unique… Your Diet Should be Too!
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