Personalized Recipe Search

Personalized Recipes Search
Whatever your nutritional needs and dietary desires maybe, Meal Genius has a delicious solution for you!

Need more calcium in your diet? Want to boost your protein? Have an allergy to soy?

Simple check the boxes below to generate your personalized recipe list.

Remember: the more options you choose, the shorter your list of recipes will be. And you are not required to make a selection in every category.

Search by calories

Your Personal calorie needs are determind by number of factores including activity, age, gender, weight and height and personal matabolic rate. Because most people understimate the calories they consume on a daily basis, Meal Genius offers only meals with 500 calories, or less, per serving.

Search by nutrients: vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients

Search for Recipes that are “high in” (providing greater then 20% of the DV) or a “good source of” (providing 10-19% of DV) the following nutrients. You may search by individual nutrient or multiple nutrients. Remember, the more nutrients you select the fewer recipes will be included in your result.

Search by preference

Allergic to shellfish? Intolerant to gluten? Don’t like nuts? Choose your preferences here.

Search by course

In the mood... for French food? Want to whip up a delicious, healthy appetizer? Choose the type of recipe you’re looking for here.

Search by special dietary need

You have special needs and we understand that. While ALL of our recipes are low-glycemic, nutritionally balanced and trans fat free, we also offer this tool to help you find recipes that meet your special dietary needs

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