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Kelley Herring

10 Jan 2020


Doctor with Healthy Meal Plan

As a practitioner in the field of integrative, functional or complementary medicine, you know the importance of lifestyle changes to produce successful outcomes in your patients.

And you probably already know that diet is the lifestyle change that can have the MOST powerful impact.

In fact, research shows the need for special diets is increasing… and continues to grow. Food allergies and intolerances, autoimmune illnesses and chronic diseases are all on the rise… and can be helped with the RIGHT diet.

Unfortunately, if you’re like most practitioners, one of the most frustrating things about lifestyle-centric medicine is getting the recommendations from your prescription pad… onto your patient’s plate.

  • What CAN I eat on an Elimination Diet? 
  • What foods contain resistant starch? 
  • How do I get into Ketosis?
  • Which packaged foods are safe for me? 
  • How do I know I'm getting enough [fill in the blank]?
  • Which foods contain FODMAPS? 
  • How do I avoid lectins? 
  • What are net carbs?
  • How do I avoid mercury in my diet? 
  • Many, many more

These are just some of the questions you may find yourself dealing with when it comes to helping your patients follow the diet that is right for their unique needs.

But the answers aren’t always easy or straightforward. And despite the best of intentions, the care plan is often not followed.

The results can be frustrating for the patient… and the practitioner.

Even if you have a dedicated nutritionist on staff, preparing just ONE meal plan is extremely time consuming… let alone creating DOZENS of meal plans to meet the special needs of your patient population.

It just isn’t feasible for most practitioners...

Introducing Meal Genius Pro: From the Clinic... to the Kitchen™

But what if you could provide your patients with all of the education on the diet you prescribe AND provide a completely personalized meal plan… in under 5 minutes?

With Meal Genius Pro, now you can.

Our personalization software allows you to create unique and specialized diets for a wide range of health concerns and diet needs including:

  • Ketogenic
  • Autoimmune Paleo (AIP)
  • Paleo
  • Candida
  • Elimination Diet
  • IBS
  • Thyroid
  • Low Histamine
  • Low Lectin  
  • Low FODMAP 
  • Low Starch
  • Diabetes
  • PCOS 
  • Whole30
  • Many, many more

Nutritional Protocols: One Size Does Not Fit All

But unlike other meal planning programs, Meal Genius is NOT a one-size fits all diet plan. Using our interactive Personalization Quiz, you can completely tailor a meal plan to your patients unique needs including:

Meal Genius Practitioners - Features

As you can imagine there are an infinite number of combinations that can be created to produce the RIGHT meal plan for an individual… or a family.

The Ultimate Personalized Meal Plan (In Under 10 Seconds)!

Meal Plans Prescribed by DocorsOnce the Personalization Quiz is completed, Meal Genius Pro generates the customized meal plan in under 60 seconds!

The plan includes daily menus, quick and delicious recipes, and a weekly shopping list – for effortless meal planning.

Users can change their plan parameters at any time with the click of a button… duplicate meals for tomorrow to “love their leftovers”… choose how many days per week to repeat meals… swap a snack for a healthy dessert… find packaged foods that meet their plan criteria (called Best Brands)… print shopping lists, daily recipes and even formatted 4 x 6 recipe cards… search for recipes and menus by specific health criteria, and so much more.

Unlike many other meal planning services which use a “push” system, our users don’t have to go searching to find menus and then laboriously drag-and-drop into slots to generate their plan and shopping lists.

Who has time for that?

With Meal Genius, your patient’s meal plan, recipes and shopping lists are all served on a silver platter with plenty of options to change menus and make modifications, as desired. Complete nutrition information and macronutrient ratios are also provided for every recipe, every menu and each day of the meal plan.

What’s more, you can track your patients’ nutrient intake and compliance using our Weekly Wellness Report.

Turn-Key Patient Education

But the power of Meal Genius Pro doesn’t end there...

In today's day and age of information (and mis-information) overload, your patients have questions. And lots of them.  

To that end, we've created a complete library of over 100 easy-to-understand, fully referenced fact sheets on some of the most popular (and important) health and disease topics including:

Intermittent Fasting Diet - Meal Genius
Bone Broth Diet - Meal Genius
Ketogenic Diet - Meal Genius
Paleo Diet - Meal Genius
Ketones - Meal Genius
Skinny on Fat - Meal Genius
Benefits of Gelatin - Meal Genius
Alzheimers and Blood Sugar - Meal Genius

Maximize Employee Productivity, Boost Practice Revenue & Improve Patient Compliance

Not only can Meal Genius provide the support to boost compliance and improve patient outcomes … but it can also:

Meal Genius Pro: A Nutritionist (And Cooking School!) In A Box

If you own a small but growing practice, hiring a dietitian or nutritionist full time to help your patients meet their dietary goals may not be a viable option (or wise business decision).

With Meal Genius Pro, you can provide nutritional support directly to your patients, without the burden of learning fancy software… taking the risk of hiring staff… or even knowing how to cook or meal plan yourself!

Using our quick-and-simple interactive Personalization Quiz, you can tailor a plan for your patient in just a few minutes, simply by filling out a series of questions. Once you’ve completed the form, click submit and your patient’s meal plan is ready to access.

Best of all, you can modify their plan at any time with just a few clicks to meet their changing nutritional needs!

Supercharge Your Nutrition Staff

If you currently have a nutrition specialist on your team, Meal Genius Pro can be a big help there too.

Instead of spending hours tediously generating meal plans by hand, your staff member can crank out personalized meal plans in mere minutes, allowing him or her to focus on higher level tasks, like dietary compliance, follow up and patient satisfaction.

What’s more, the time saved with Meal Genius will allow your nutrition professional to see more of your patients and provide more nutritional services… potentially generating more revenue for your practice.

Boost Practice Revenue

While preventive care is often less reimbursable than “conventional” treatments, many forward-thinking insurance providers provide coverage for nutrition services. Nutrition services most commonly reimbursed include those for the management or treatment:

Many other conditions are covered by certain insurers when prescribed by a physician.

It's Not Meal Planning... It's Meal Genius!

With so many benefits, Meal Genius Pro is much more than a meal planning program.

Contact us today to take a tour and learn about the easy and affordable options to get Meal Genius working for your practice!

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